Press release 2017-09-20
New augmented reality (AR) solution with Stylaero technology for digital pathology makes grossing procedure more effective

During the last years a study has been performed on the use of augmented reality (AR) for the grossing procedure within digital pathology. This week the results from that study were published. The company Stylaero, located in Linköping, provides the core tracking technology enabling the novel digitalized grossing workstation.

This workstation has been produced by RISE Interactive Institute in collaboration with region Östergötland and MedTech company Sectra. With an augmented reality (AR) solution one can mark cuts and measure specimens with a normal scalpel and all activities are automatically recorded. The results from the study are presented in the digital journal Journal of Pathology Informatics.

“Our technology will change the future of human-computer interaction. This project shows the great potential in creating a less complex and more ergonomic working environment,” says Oscar Spaak, Stylaero.

The digitally recorded data provided by the Stylaero technology is crucial for improving the workflow for pathologists, who have a high workload today. However, digital solutions addressing the whole process are more difficult to integrate due to high demands on documentation and accuracy.

“With an interactive workstation, we show the possibilities for making a more efficient process for the grossing station,” says Arianit Kurti, RISE Interactive Institute.