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Stylaero magnetic tracking

Stylaero Magnetic Tracking uses fusioned magnetometer data to capture the effects of a magnet to the surrounding magnetic field. Adding sensors to a network allows us to capture movements in all directions including the indication of jaw and pitch.
Our technology delivers robust and stable data with repeatable results being the only technology on the market that passively and reliably tracks absolute position within five degrees of freedom.

Works without line of sight

The Stylaero magnetic tracking works no matter if the lights are on or off. Our technology uses magnetism, which makes us able to accurately track in environments where cameras fall short. Magnetic tracking also excludes the risk of missing data due to line-of-sight occlusion. The technology works well in water and is suitable for fluid environments.

Stylaero magnetic tracking continuously delivers data without interruption as long as the system is on. The system does not need any electronic nor battery, which allows for long life usage. Drift (error in tracking output over time) present in inertial technologies is not a problem when using magnets. This makes Stylaero magnetic tracking technology a top choice for measuring and documenting movement.


For most cases the sensor platform listening to the magnet, must be embedded or covered so that optimal tracking can be made and magnet fields can be kept stable. We tailor the system for your specific needs and usage allowing for full freedom of operation which also includes involving other sensor technology if required.

Stylaero technology used for measuring purposes in digital pathology. A magnetic scalpel measures the circumference of the tissue and transfers the data into a digital picture.

Stylaero DPS - Desktop Positioning System

By combining our positioning algorithm with third party hardware and sensors it is possible for us to address any room scale-positioning problem, indoors or outdoors. With lengths up to 3 meters we claim an accuracy of less than 2 cm exceeding what is obtained by eg. Ultra-wideband. Our speciality is adressing your unique customer problem, expecially for harsh Environments or conditions.

Stylaero magnetic tracking uses the changes in the static/surrounding magnet field in order to guard an operator mounting electronic components the correct point of operation.

Stylaero MSI - Magnetic signature identification

Every metal structure has a different magnetization in relation to how it reflects magnetization from surrounding magnet Fields. In this way a magnetometer can obtain information of an item such as in urban traffic control where magnetic sensors, buried under streets sense the movement of vehicles and control traffic lights. By adding more sensors to a network more detailed data can be collected.

Stylaero use cluster analysis of fusioned magnetic field data in order to model the geometric structures of items based on its effect on the surrounding magnet fields. Practical applications are e.g. within quality control by identifying or distinguishing between objects.

Cluster analysis of movements made by an operator in a production facility. In order to spot deviations from the normal mounting procedure a self-learning system is created. The system is programmed to help keeping track of movements in relation to the object being worked on. The red spots mark the normal point of operation. Deviations will alert the operator via an alarm signal and red light.