Advancing measurement and control through sensor fusion 

Stylaero is world leading in research on automatic control and sensor fusion. With our own proprietary technology you can determine the position and orientation of any object. You just need to mount a small magnet to it!

Stylaero technology can be used for a number of purposes within industry such as regulation and control, measuring and logging of movements in robotics or machinery. It may also be used for tracking objects, animals or movements made by humans in order to control 3D software or games.

By combining our own technology of magnetic tracking with well known methods within sensor fusion we help our customers solving specific problems related to any kind of room scale positioning. 

Consumer adapted Stylaero technology. Concept demo connecting our Stylaero board with Oculus Rift
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Mount a magnet to existing equipment and get full control of the movements of any object. Our technology offer is a solution based on advanced mathematic algorithms that can be used for a wide range of purposes such as AR/VR, measurement, control and regulation technology. Areas of use include: 

– Postitioning

– Access guarding

– Orientation detection

– Level monitoring

– Volume measurment

– Circumferance measurement

– Collision prevention

– Danger area safeguarding

– Intrusion detection

– Change detection


Stylaero technology offers up to 5DOF (Degrees-Of-Freedom) absolute positioning of a small permanent magnet. The position of the magnet is tracked in a space (X, Y and Z coordinates), as well as the equipment’s orientation (yaw, pitch and roll). Our technology delivers robust and stable data with repeatable results. 

Drift (error in tracking output over time) present in inertial technologies is not a problem making our technology the top choice for measuring and documenting movement.

The magnet used for tracking does not need any electronic nor battery, allowing for one time or lifelong usage. We also offer a versatile setup for integration allowing for with limitedless customisation. 

Works without line of sight

The Stylaero magnetic tracking works no matter if the lights are on or off. Our technology uses magnetism unlike most other technologies that use cameras which makes us able to accurately track in environments where cameras fall short. Magnetic tracking excludes the risk of missing data due to line-of-sight occlusion. The technology also works in water and is suitable for fluid environments.

Stylaero magnetic tracking continuously delivers data without interruption as long as the system is on. The magnet used for tracking does not need any electronics nor battery which allows for long term use. This makes in the only technology on the market that passively and reliably tracks absolute position.


Our sensor platform listening to the magnet, can be combined with several other types of technologies in order to give high quality data to solve a specific problem.  Our research team help developing customised solutions for your individual use. Welcome in challenging us with your room scale positioning problem!

Send us a short message and we will get back to you on how we can collaborate.

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Winners in Venture Cup spring 2016

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“Our company has its roots in Swedish knowledge and innovation. With a close connection to Linköping University. The idea of Stylaero was born and developed to reach a global market“. 

Oscar Spaak – Founder Stylaero

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